11 days tour – Classic Turkmenistan

With this tour you will see all the highlights of Turkmenistan. You go from west to east and from north to south through the whole country. You’ll visit the famous places like the Gates of Hell, the marble capital Ashgabat and the Yangykala Canyon, plus you will also visit lesser known Mary, and the particularly cool dinosaur footprints. In short, after this tour you can sincerely call yourself a Turkmenistan expert!

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11 days tour - Classic Turkmenistan
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General info

Days11 days / 10 nights
Best travel timeSpring, autumn, winter
DestinationsAshgabat, Darwaza, Turmenbashi, Mary, Koytendag
Transportation on the ground
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Entry fees
ExcludingInternational flights
Hotel tax ($2 per night)
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Photo/video ticket (if needed)
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Day 1 – Ashgabat

  • Airport pick-up and introduction to your guide in Ashgabat.
  • Highlight: Independence Park, the symbol of modern Turkmenistan.
  • Independence Monument, an impressive monument inspired by the old Turkmen tents.
  • Monument of the Constitution, a 185m high tower.
  • Gate of Neutrality, an absurd monument with a golden statue of former President Niyazov.
  • Lenin Park, here you will find another statue of Lenin.
  • Erogrul Ghazi Mosque, a famous mosque named after the leader of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Alem Business Centre with the largest indoor ferris wheel in the world.
  • Highlight: Palace of Hapiness for a panoramic view of the city.
  • Anau Fort, the history of this place goes back 7,000 years.
  • Overnight stay in Ashgabat.

Day 2 – Nisa – Kipchak – Kow Ata – Nokhur

  • Highlight: Drive to Nisa, a UNESCO world heritage site and the ancient capital of the Parthian Empire.
  • Sheikh Mosque.
  • Drive to Kipchak.
  • Turkmenbashy Mosque / Mausoleum, here lies the former president of Turkmenistan.
  • Drive to Kow Ata.
  • Swimming in a natural hot spring, deep in a cave.
  • Highlight: Drive to the traditional mountain village of Nokhur. Here we get acquainted with life outside the big city.
  • Nokhur Cemetery, learn more about the impressive graves here.
  • Relax in the mountains and learn more about the culture of Nokhur.
  • Overnight stay in a homestay.

Day 3 – Avaza – Turkmenbashi

  • Long drive to Avaza. We will go straight through Turkmenistan.
  • Highlight: City tour by car through Avaza, a (reasonably) deserted seaside resort, where a lot has been built in recent years. However, the tourists never came, so there are a lot of new empty buildings.
  • Beach walk along the Caspian Sea.
  • Overnight stay in Turkmenbashi.

Day 4 – Yangykala Canyon – Turkmenbashi

  • Highlight: Drive to Yangykala Canyon by 4×4. This place is also known as the Grand Canyon of Central Asia. We will visit several viewpoints here.
  • Drive to Turkmenbashi.
  • Overnight stay in Turkmenbashi.

Day 5 – Turkmenbashi – Ashgabat – Darvaza

  • Flight to Ashgabat.
  • Russian Bazaar for shopping to stock up for our night in the desert.
  • Drive to Darvaza.
  • Visit to the mud crater.
  • Highlight: Arrival at the fire crater (Gates of Hell). A place that originated in the seventies and has never stopped burning since.
  • Walk through the sand dunes around the crater.
  • Sunset at the crater.
  • Barbecue and overnight stay in tents near the Gates of Hell.

Day 6 – Ashgabat – Mary

  • Drive to Ashgabat.
  • Tolkuchka Bazaar, a large outdoor market, the perfect place for photos.
  • Train ride to Mary.
  • Overnight stay in Mary.

Day 7 – Mary – Merv – Turkmenabat

  • Drive to Merv.
  • Highlight: Discover the shrines, temples, towers, city walls, castles and mausoleums of this UNESCO city.
  • Sultan Sandzhar Dar-al-Akhir Mausoleum, a special architectural structure.
  • Drive to Turkmenabat.
  • Karakum Desert, the great desert of the region.
  • Overnight stay in Turkmenabat.

Day 8 – Turkmenabat – Atamyrat – Kugitang

  • Drive to the Koytendag Mountains.
  • Highlight: Astana Baba & Alamberdar Mausoleum, two important buildings in the eastern region.
  • Drive to Atamyrat.
  • Overnight stay in a lodge in Kugitang.

Day 9 – Kuritang – Koytendag Bergen

  • Drive to Koytendag Mountains.
  • Swimming at beautiful waterfalls.
  • Highlight: Goat massage! (on your back), this is a popular activity among locals.
  • Amudarya River.
  • Overnight stay in a lodge in Kuritang.

Day 10 – Dinosaur Plateau – Kuritang

  • Highlight: Walk to the Dinosaur Plateau, where you will find the largest footprint in the world.
  • Drive to Kyrk Gyz Cave, a cave full of special stalactites.
  • Overnight stay in a lodge in Kuritang.

Day 11 – Kuritang – Turkmenabat – Ashgabat

  • Drive to Turkmenabat.
  • Flight to Ashgabat.
  • End of tour.