Saõ Tomé and Principe: Where adventure meets relaxation in a tropical setting

Welcome to São Tomé and Príncipe – your tropical escape in the Gulf of Guinea! A pair of islands off Africa’s coast. São Tomé is the bigger one, bustling with cities, colonial history, and cocoa farms. Príncipe is smaller but laid-back, featuring beautiful beaches and jungles with unique wildlife. Explore, savor local cuisine, and experience the easygoing charm of these islands. This is one that you don’t want to miss out on, join one of our tours to be part of this adventure!

group tour in Saõ Tomé

Join our group tour in Saõ Tomé in March. Travel alongside a small and fun group of explorers!
Highlights: Diogo Vaz Shopping, Pico de Cao Grande, Rolas Island and Blue Lagoon Beach.

beach in Saõ Tomé

A quick private tour through Saõ Tomé.
Highlights: Diogo Vaz Shopping, Pico de Cao Grande, Rolas Island and Mangrove Tour.

Saõ Tomé and Principe

Name: Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe
Capital: Saõ Tomé
Population: 220,372
Surface area: 1,001 km²
Language: Portuguese, Forro

Highlights Saõ Tomé and Principe

Pico de Cao Grande

The Pico de Cao Grande is a stunning sight in Sao Tome, with its tall, needle-shaped peak that makes the island’s landscape even more beautiful. This mountain is 663 meters tall and visible all over the island.

Rolas Island

This island is where the equator crosses through Sao Tomé & Principe. It has a village setting that provides a unique & nice atmosphere that invites visitors to explore its charm.

Diogo Vaz Shopping

Diogo Vaz Shopping is a popular shopping destination in Sao Tome, offering a diverse array of shops and boutiques. Visitors can explore a vibrant mix of local and international products, making it a bustling hub for retail therapy in the heart of the city.

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