Group tours to Pakistan

For years Pakistan has been at the top of the ‘next big destination’ lists. Join our group tour to Pakistan and discover why this country is so high up on that list. During the trip you will be accompanied by a local and Western guide. They will ensure that the tour runs smoothly and you experience all the essential sights. The group usually consists of a mix of adventurous travellers from different countries who have travelled a lot. Together you will experience the hospitality of the Pakistani culture.

At the moment we offer the following group tours to Pakistan:

Ibex skull on the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan

Date: 1 – 13 September 2024

Price: € 2,695

This is the road trip of all road trips. Join our small group tour of the highest highway in the world. The famous Karakoram Highway has an illustrious past. Nowadays the road is mainly seen as the ‘friendship highway’ between Pakistan and China. We start this tour in the capital of Pakistan: Islamabad. From there, the tour takes us north past deep valleys, deserted plains and snowy peaks. Along the way we stop at the famous Fairy Meadows and Hunza Valley. Then we cross the famous Pakistan/China border at Khunjerab National Park. From here we enter the Chinese province of Xinjiang. At this point you’re closer to Tehran than to Beijing! We will drive through this province towards Kashgar, one of the famous stops along the Silk Road, to finish our big road trip.

See the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan on a Culture Road group tour

Date: 5 April – 16 April 2025

Price: € 2,195

Join us on a journey through undiscovered Pakistan. The tour starts in the port city of Karachi, after which we slowly ascend towards the cultural capital of the country: Lahore. On the way we stop at special places such as Mohenjo Daro, Multan and the famous Derawar Fort. In Lahore we will visit the famous border ceremony with India. Slowly you will see the landscape change from the arid plains of the south to hilly Islamabad.

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