Meet the CultureRoad family

Behind CultureRoad is a dedicated team that makes our company feel like a true family. We are a passionate and dedicated team of professionals with a shared love of travel and a commitment to providing our travellers with exceptional service and unforgettable experiences. On top of this, we share a big fascination for hard-to-reach desintations across the world. So here we go, welcome to the CultureRoad family – maybe you’ll get to meet them soon on tour!

Team CultureRoad

Rik Brinks – Netherlands – founder / tourguide

Meet Rik, the founder of CultureRoad and an avid traveler who never tires of revisiting all the amazing destinations on offer. Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Rik’s love for travel ignited after he read Tintin and the World Atlas at a young age. Since then, he has journeyed far and wide, fueling his passion for exploration and sharing his wanderlust with anyone who wants to join him. Rik’s insatiable curiosity and unwavering enthusiasm for discovering new cultures and experiences are the driving forces behind CultureRoad’s commitment to sustainable tourism.

Pascale Schreurs – Netherlands – sales coordination / marketing

Pascale joins our team all the way from the adventurous Utrecht. She’s busy with a variety of tasks such as marketing, press, managing bookings and preparing our travellers for their upcoming tour. When she returns from a trip, she prefers to pack her bag for the next trip. Her specialty during a travel? Discover crazy chips flavours. 

Kayla Tecla – Aruba – creative marketing / communications intern

From Aruba, our marketing and communications intern is here to make her changes. At CultureRoad, she helps manage the official website and social media, providing creative ideas for the latest trend during the process, as she starts to know more about the travel industry and considers it as her lifetime career. Funfact: she never leaves a country without visiting their national museum.

Ryan – Australia – tourguide / analyst

Our data analyst, tour guide, technical supporter, and positivity guru, Ryan Randell, is always here to save the day. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Ryan travels for half of the year, seemingly finding the perfect balance between work and travel. Whether it’s with a witty joke or expertly leading a tour, Ryan is your go-to guy.

Xavier Raychell Blancharde – U.K. – tourguide

Sometimes, you visit a place and unexpectedly fall in love. That’s what happened to British adventurer Xavier Raychell Blancharde, also known for his blog “Travel the Unknown” and YouTube channel. After globetrotting for some time, Xavier fell in love with Syria. Nowadays, he mostly resides in Damascus, frequently exploring the Middle East.

Rob Tyrer – U.K. – social media expert

Rob is our Social Media Manager here at CultureRoad and loves to explore new places. From the UK, Rob has had a keen interest in travel from a young age and has spent several months in Southern Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America and has visited around 70 countries. Also interested in photography and videography, Rob loves to share his travels on social media and is now making use of these skills and experience to help promote CultureRoad.

Nicole Armfield – Australia – tourguide

Meet Nicole, your Melbourne-based tour guide, seamlessly blending a career in the medical industry with a passion for exploration. For 15 years, Nicole has dedicated winter breaks to delving into the vibrant cultures of the Middle East and Central Asia. Join her on a journey where curiosity, cultural immersion, and a love for learning converge for an unforgettable travel experience.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. We couldn’t organize any tour without the invaluable support of our local partners, spanning from Angola to Venezuela and from Pakistan to North Korea. We simply couldn’t do it without our extended CultureRoad family.