Join the Grand Celebration of Ethnic Sports

Are you ready to experience the thrill of nomadic heritage? The World Nomad Games (WNG) are a global celebration of ethnic sports rooted in the folk games of historically nomadic peoples of Central Asia. Recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage, the WNG aim to promote the development of ethno-sports and the ethno-cultural movement, protecting the heritage of human civilization. Join CultureRoad as we will be going to the 5th Edition of the World Nomad Games this year!

Our tour will start on Saturday 7 September and finish on Sunday 15 September 2024. While the final program is still to be confirmed by the organization we already opened up a pre-registration to join the tour and attend the games. The tour will attend the main ceremonies and games and show you the highlights of Astana and its surroundings.

New: World Nomad Games 2024 Tour

Flag of Kazachstan

World Nomad Games

When: 7 – 15 September 2024
Where: Astana, Kazakhstan
Expected participants: 4 Thousand
Different sports: 20

CultureRoad World Nomad Games Tour: 7 – 15 September 2024
Itinerary: World Nomad Games 2024

What you need to know about the games

The 5th World Nomad Games in Astana embrace the motto “The Gathering of the Great Steppe.” The official logo features a unique solar horseman, a consistent element in WNG logos. This event takes place every 2 years and features competitions in a diverse array of sports, combining tradition and skill on the best sports grounds of the city.

Six metropolitan facilities, including Astana Arena Stadium and Alau Ice Palace, will host different competitions from horse racing and traditional archery to wrestling and intellectual games. A total of 110 sets of medals will be awarded across the various sports. Athletes from around the world will compete passionately, striving for excellence and showcasing the spirit of the nomadic heritage. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

  • Horse Races
  • Traditional Intellectual Games
  • National Types of Wresteling
  • Martial Arts
  • Traditional Archery

You can find the full sports program on the homepage of the World Nomad Games.

Opening and closing ceremony

There is also a opening and closing ceremony during the World Nomad Games. Drawing inspiration from ancient Olympic Games, the opening and closing ceremonies showcase the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan, highlighting essential moments in the nation’s development through theatrical performances. The opening includes the flag ceremony and national anthems, concluding with the Head of State officially declaring the Games open. The closing ceremony, held at the Central Kazanat Racetrack, unites participants in a parade symbolizing the unity formed during the Games.

Cultural Program

A cultural program will be taking place aswell. This includes the Universe of Nomads festival unveils modern cultural trends. Kids can have fun with ethnic-themed playgrounds, and there’s a fashion show showcasing diverse ethnic clothing, led by Global Nomads.

Scientific Program

Lastly, a scientific and practical conference on ethnosports development will be available. This will take place on the eve of the World Nomad Games. Topics include training methods for ethnic athletes, future possibilities, global rules standardization, and more.

Come join us on this awesome adventure! Check out the Nomad Games itinerary and let’s make some amazing memories together!

History of The World Nomad Games

Globalization narrows cultural differences by making everything more alike. Former president of  Kyrgyzstan Atambaev proposed the World Nomad Games in 2012, a unique initiative supported by Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. These games, rooted in the nomadic world’s rich culture, aim to revive and protect the identity and ways of life of nomadic peoples amidst globalization. Former president of  Kyrgyzstan Atambaev’s, announced the first World Nomad Games in 2014 showcasing ethnosports and an ethnographic festival, receiving positive feedback from 30 countries. The success led to the Second World Nomad Games in 2016, expanding to 23 sports and featuring a recreated nomadic town.

The World Nomad Games debuted in Kyrgyzstan, with Cholpon-Ata hosting the international competitions on three occasions.
– in 2014 – 583 athletes from 19 countries, 10 sports.
– in 2016 – 1 200 athletes from 62 countries, 26 sports.
– in 2018 – 2 000 athletes from 82 countries, 37 sports.

The 4th World Nomad Games were held in 2022 in Iznik, Turkey. 3 000 athletes from 102 countries, 13 sports.

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