Group tours to Socotra (Yemen)

Dive into a deep adventure now and join our group trip to Socotra. The island of Socotra is part of Yemen, but is not affected by the unrest on the mainland. During our tour you will be assisted by a western guide and a local guide. Together they will make sure that you will experience an unforgettable group tour. Moreover, you will have the conviviality and dynamics of a who also share a lot of the same interests. This often creates a good dynamic, but there is also a lot of freedom to roam by yourself. Join us on a group trip to Socotra.

Date: 25 October – 1 November 2022

Price: € 1,695

The remote island of Socotra is one of the most unique places in the world. More than 70% of the flora and fauna is found only on the island. Socotra is part of Yemen, but because of its remote location you won’t notice any of the unrest that plagues the mainland. Life on Socotra is slow and quiet, where you can come to enjoy the beautiful nature.

Date: 14 – 21 March 2023

Price: € 1,695

Unique. Surely that is the word that best suits Socotra. The island lies between the horn of Africa and the Arabian peninsula. Officially it belongs to Yemen, but you won’t notice any of the unrest that dominates the mainland. Socotra is also known as an ecological wonder of nature. The island has a special and diverse flora and fauna that are unique to the island. Here you will find dragon blood trees, cucumber trees and bottle trees.

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