Group tours to North Korea

Most people will reacted surprised, when you tell them that you’re going on a trip to North Korea (or the DPRK). And that’s not strange, most people don’t even know that it’s possible to visit the country. But it sure is! During our North Korea tours, you will experience the highlights of the hermit kingdom. All the famous spots will be visitied and you will get to know the country a little bit better. Moreover, with a group tour you’ll have the dynamics of the group; most people are well travelled and are just as curious about a holiday to North Korea like you are!

NOTE: These tours are to be confirmed. At the moment North Korea is not open for tourism.

Date: TBC

Price: € 1,095 / € 1.495

Always wanted to run a marathon? Or are you just looking for a unique, new location for a marathon? Then this is your chance. Encouraged by 50,000 Koreans, we offer you the marathon of your life. Don’t want to run? Then you can sit in the stadium to encourage your group mates & watch a local football match.

Date: TBC

Price: € 995 / €1,345 / €1,545

Come with us to North Korea during the Mayday celebrations. Labour Day is one of the most important holidays in the country. Koreans often flock to the park or take part in one of the parades through Pyongyang. During this tour we will also visit the known and less known highlights of the country. The tour can be divided into an A, B or C option.

Date: TBC

Price: € 1,545

Welcome to summer in the Democratic People’s Republic! Visit North Korea in the middle of the hot season and experience celebrations around the key holiday of Victory Day. Celebrate with the locals in the park or watch the special parades in the city. During this tour you will visit all the highlights of North Korea, such as the DMZ and the Korean War Museum. Moreover, during the tour you will also take a domestic flight to the famous Mt. Paektu! This is the holy mountain for all Koreans. The great leader Kim-Jong Il is said to have been born here. In short: a tour full of unforgettable experiences in the most beautiful season of the year!

Date: TBC

Price: € 1,295 / €1,545

On Liberation Day, North Korea celebrates the liberation from the Japanese occupier after the Second World War. The day is one of the most important holidays and is widely celebrated in both Koreas. We also expect the Mass Games to return for this holiday. During the tour you will visit other places outside the capital Pyongyang. For example, you will go to Nampo on the west coast and Wonsan on the east. Cities that are just a little bit different from Pyongyang, so you will also discover another side of the country. The tour can be done as a short or long tour.

Date: TBC

Price: € 2,995

During this late summer tour we will take in the National Day festivities in Pyongyang. Every year on the 9th of September a big party is held to commemorate North Korea’s founding in 1948. During the tour you will also see all the highlights of the country including the DMZ, Kumsusan Palace of the Sun and of course the famous statues at Mansudae Grand Monument. Moreover, you will also visit the uknown Northeast coast of North Korea. This area only sees a few visitors per year.

Date: TBC

Price: € 1,145

One of the most important events in recent Korean history has been the establishment of the Korean Workers’ Party. Every year this anniversary is celebrated in style in Pyongyang. We’ll visit the various famous places in Pyongyang, such as the Mansudae Grand Monument, the Korean War Museum and much more.

Date: TBC

Price: € 995

Start the new year like nowhere else in the world! Join our special New Year’s Eve Tour and witness spectacular fireworks and a special New Year’s Eve dinner. Of course we’ll also visit all the famous spots in and around Pyongyang and the DMZ. Is it possible to start off the new year in a better way? We don’t think so!

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