Group tours to Haiti

NOTE: at the moment our tours to Haiti are suspended due to the security situation.

Let me know when Haiti opens up again for tourism

Mysterious and full of mysticism, this is Haiti. During a group trip through this fascinating country you will get acquainted with Haitian culture and its beautiful nature. During your group tour you will also experience the unique dynamics of travelling together in an international group from all over the world. Most people have travelled widely before and are curious about everyone’s story. So join us on this adventure and book a group trip to Haiti with us today! We are currently offering the following group trip to Haiti.

metal art in haiti

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Join us on a trip to Haiti. The most unknown and undiscovered country in the Caribbean. During this group trip you will see all the highlights of the small country. You will visit the cities of Port-au-Prince, Jacmel and Cap-Haïtien, including the famous citadel. The highlight of the trip is a visit to the Saut D’eau Festival. This is the largest voodoo (in Haiti often referred to as Vodou) festival in the country and attracts thousands of believers every year

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