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Are you looking for that one specific epic adventure? A journey that goes through several countries encountering different cultures along the way? Some of our group tours cannot be accommodated at one destination, so we have created our ‘special trips’ page here.

On this page you will find some of our most spectacular tours. These group tours go straight through different countries. The Western guide will stay with you during this entire trip, but the local guide will change after each border crossing.

Date: 6 – 17 April 2022

Price: € 1,595 / € 2,895

Can you pinpoint Andorra, Monaco, the Vatican, San Marino and Liechtenstein on a world map? Probably not – not without a microscope that is! These countries are not just small – they are absolutely miniscule. There are few countries in the world you can overview completely after climbing a mountain, such as Liechtenstein. Heck, you can see all of Monaco after climbing a modest hill. And the Vatican is so tiny you can easily walk around the entire country in less than an hour – with room to spare to eat an ice cream.

Ibex skull on the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan

Date: 6 – 19 September 2022

Price: € 2,095

This is the road trip of all road trips. Join us on the highest highway in the world. The famous Karakoram Highway has an illustrious past. Nowadays the road is mainly seen as the ‘friendship highway’ between Pakistan and China. We start this tour in the cultural capital of Pakistan: Lahore. From there, the tour takes us past deep valleys, deserted plains and snowy peaks. After crossing the border, we arrive in a less known region of China: the autonomous region of Xinjiang. We end the tour in the city of Kashgar: one of the old stopping places along the Silk Road. In this city you are closer to Damascus than to Beijing!

Date: 18 – 27 September 2022

Price: € 1,695

Experience one of the most beautiful road trips in the world with our spectacular Pamir Highway Tour. The tour officially starts in Kashgar, but you can also choose to start in Osh (Kyrgyzstan) and join the group in Sary-Tash. Expect impressive scenery, deserted Soviet bus stations and a few lost Lenin statues. We will follow the Wakhan route. That means we will drive a large part alongside Afghanistan, where you can have a unique view across the border. The tour will end in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.

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