11 days tour – Undiscovered Iran

Experience an unknown part of Iran during our Undiscovered Iran Tour. We’ll skip the classic Persian cities and will straight head for the mountains and Caspian Sea. We’ll visit big cities like Ramsar, Rasht and Tabriz, but we will also venture into the mountains and discover places like Masuleh and Kandovan. This tour will show you that Iran is more then desert. During the winter time ski resorts open here and in the summer you’ll find plenty of hiking trails. So if you are up to a little different version of Iran, this might be it.

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2 People: EUR 1695 1695
3 People: EUR 1695 1695
4+ People: EUR 1495 1495
11 days tour - Undiscovered Iran

General info

Days11 days / 10 nights
Best travel timeWhole year
DestinationsTehran – Rasht – Ramsar – Masuleh
Kandovan – Tabriz
Transportation on the ground
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ExcludingInternational flights
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Day 1 – Tehran – Ramsar 

  • Arrival in Tehran, the capital of Iran. 
  • Meet the guide who will help you with exchanging money, if necessary. 
  • We start our drive towards Ramsar. 
  • We’ll leave the plains of Tehran and head for the mountains while taking the famous Chaloos Road. 
  •  If you are not afraid of heights a stop can be made in Motel-Ghoo, where you can take a cable car to the top of the mountain. 
  • Arrival in Ramsar.
  • Overnight stay in Ramsar. 

Day 2 – Ramsar – Javaher-Deh 

  • Highlight: Today we’ll explore the city of Ramsar. The city used to be the favorite city of the former Shah of Iran, Mohamma Reza Shah. 
  • We visit the Ramsar Palace (Marmar Palace), this was the old vacation home of the Shah. 
  • See the Ramsar Hot Springs / Minder Water Baths. 
  • We leave Ramsar and visit the small, picturesque mountain village Javaher-Deh. A beautiful town to stroll around for a bit and to take in the scenery. 
  • Return to Ramsar.
  • Overnight stay in Ramsar. 

Day 3 – Ramsar – Rasht – Masuleh 

  • We drive down the costal road (next to the Caspian Sea) towards the town of Rasht. 
  • Walk around Rasht, a city famous for its food and creative industry. 
  • Visit the famous bazar of Rasht. 
  • We continue our drive heading towards Masuleh. 
  • Highlight: Along the way we stop at Rudkahn Castle (Qale Rood Khan). Situated on top of the mountain, the castle has similarities to the Great Wall of China. To reach the castle we have to take a short hike. 
  • After the hike, we finish our drive to Masuleh. 
  • Overnight stay in Masuleh. 

Day 4 – Masuleh – Ardabil – Sarein 

  • Highlight: Walk around the magnificent town of Masuleh. Hidden in de mountains, the village is famous for its architecture, most houses are made from yellow clay. Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas. 
  • We leave Masuleh and drive towards Ardabil, a town to many Turk tribes. 
  • See the Sheikh Safi Tomb, a UNESCO site. 
  • Short drive to Sarein, a village famous for its hot springs, of course, you are able to take one of the baths. 
  • Overnight stay in Sarein. 

Day 5 – Sarein –  Tabriz 

  • In the morning we head for Tabriz, the largest city in the west and north of Iran.  
  • Highlight: We visit the Grand Bazar, the largest traditional indoor souk in the world. 
  • Visit to the Jame Mosque (Friday Mosque), one of the biggest in the city. 
  • Wander around the Shah Goli Park (Il Goli Park). This large historic park features an incredibly big artificial lake. 
  • Overnight stay in Tabriz. 

Day 6 – Tabriz

  • Today we’ll experience more of the city of Tabriz. 
  • The first stop is the Grand Blue Mosque. 
  • At the Iron Age Museum, you’ll learn more about the ancient history of the city. 
  • We visit the Arg of Tabriz (Alishah Citadel Wall), which are the remnants of a large acropolis fortification.
  • Visit the Azerbaijan Museum, not related to the country but to the Iranian province. 
  • Lastly, we will visit the Poets Tomb. An impressive place in memory of poets, mystics, and famous people.
  • Overnight stay in Tabriz. 

Day 7 – Tabriz – Jolfa 

  • We head to the border with Armenia at Jolfa for a visit to the famous St. Stepanos Monastery.
  • Highlight: Wander around the monastery and learn about its significant history. 
  • Return to Tabriz, while we make various stops. 
  • We stop at the Aras river to see a small church. 
  • Discover the Asiab Kharabeh (the broken mill) an old caravanserai. 
  • Return to Tabriz. 
  • Overnight stay in Tabriz. 

Day 8 – Tabriz – Kandovan

  • Drive to Urmia Salt Lake, known as the largest salt lake in the world, here you’ll see many birds from Russia. 
  • We continue onwards to Kandovan, also known as the ‘cave village’, similar to Cappadocia in Turkey. 
  • Overnight stay in Kandovan. 

Day 9 – Kandovan – Zanjan  

  • Highlight: In the morning we’ll go for a stroll around the village. 
  • Drive to Zanjan. 
  • Just outside Zanjan we’ll stop at the giant torques Dome of Soltaniyeh. Dating back to the 12th Century.
  • After arriving in Zanjan, we’ll check out the Grand Bazar.
  • Visit the old public Zanjan Bath.
  • Overnight stay in Zanjan. 

Day 10 – Zanjan – Qazvin – Tehran 

  • We’ll hit the road towards Tehran. 
  • In Qazvin we will visit the Sa’d al-Saltaneh Caravanserai, a big restored Caravanserai. 
  • Walk around the Bazaar, right night to the Caravanserai. 
  • Continue our drive to Tehran. 
  • Overnight stay in Tehran.

Day 11 –Tehran 

  • Airport drop off. 
  • End of the tour.