8 days tour – From Aleppo to Damascus

This eight-day individual tour through Syria will take you past all the well-known highlights of the country. From the famous market in Damascus to the Citadel of Aleppo. You will also visit ancient Palmyra, where you can see with your own eyes what remains after the devastation caused by IS.

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8 days tour - From Aleppo to Damascus

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Days8 days / 7 nights
Best travel timeSpring, autumn, winter
DestinationsDamascus, Aleppo, Palmyra, Homs, Bosra
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Day 1 – Beirut (Lebanon) – Damascus

  • You will be picked up at a central point in Beirut for the journey to Damascus.
  • Lebanon / Syria border crossing.
  • Drive to Damascus, the capital of Syria.
  • Overnight stay in Damascus.

Day 2 – Damascus

  • Visit the National Museum, the best introduction for a trip through Syria.
  • Süleymaniye Mosque, one of the most impressive mosques in Damascus.
  • Highlight: We walk towards the old town, to the famous Al Hamidieh Grand Bazaar (also known as the Al-Hamidiyah Souk). The perfect place to get acquainted with daily life in Damascus.
  • At the end of the bazaar is the Mausoleum of Saladine. Saladine was the founder of the medieval Ayyubid dynasty.
  • The Great Mosque, also known as the Omajaden Mosque.
  • Highlight: We visit the Azm Palace, an 18th century palace located in the old centre of the city.
  • Via Straight Street (yes, it’s a street name) we walk to the House Chapel of Ananias. He was one of the first Christians.
  • Overnight stay in Damascus.

Day 3 – Damascus – Ezra – Bosra

  • Drive to Bosra.
  • On the way we’ll have a short stop at Ezra, here stands the oldest church in Syria: the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George (Mar Giris).
  • Highlight: Arrival in Bosra, after which we go to the Roman Amphitheatre. A 45m long and 8,5m deep theatre that is remarkably well preserved.
  • Walk through the old centre of Bosra, with e.g. the cathedral and the basilica.
  • Drive to Damascus.
  • Overnight stay in Damascus.

Day 4 – Damascus – Sednaya – Maaloula – Homs

  • Drive to Sednaya.
  • Visit to Sednaya Monastery. During the civil war this monastery was used as a prison for Assad’s opponents.
  • We drive on to Maaloula. A beautiful village against the mountains. Here the language of Christ is still spoken (Aramaic).
  • We take a look at the famous monasteries Mar Sarkis and Mar Taqla.
  • Drive to Krak des Chevaliers.
  • Highlight: Visit Krak des Chevaliers. This famous castle is the symbol of the Crusades and was the base for the Hospitallers.
  • Drive to Homs.
  • Overnight stay in Homs.

Day 5 – Homs – Palmyra – Hama

  • Drive to Palmyra. Although IS has destroyed a lot here, some buildings are still intact.
  • Highlight: We see the remains of the Temple of Bel, the Triumphal Arch, the colonnades, the theatre, the agora and the tombs.
  • Drive to Hama.
  • Overnight stay in Hama.

Day 6 – Hama – Aleppo

  • Visit to the famous water wheels of the Orontos River.
  • Drive to Aleppo. It was once the largest city in the country and since the civil war it is now the second largest city in Syria.
  • Short walk through the centre of Aleppo.
  • Overnight stay in Aleppo.

Day 7 – Aleppo – Damascus

  • Highlight: City tour of Aleppo, one of the oldest, still inhabited, cities in the world.
  • Highlight: Visit to the famous Citadel of Aleppo. A medieval fortress in the middle of the city.
  • Walk through the old covered souk. At the moment it is still being renovated.
  • Visit to the Al Jdeideh district, one of the most famous neighbourhoods of the city.
  • Drive to Damascus.
  • Overnight stay in Damascus.

Day 8 – Damascus – Beirut (Lebanon)

  • Drive to the border with Lebanon.
  • Border crossing Syria / Lebanon.
  • Drive to Beirut.
  • End of tour.