6 days tour – Kurdistan

6 days tour – Kurdistan

Take a tour of the Kurdish part of northern Iraq. Kurdistan is an autonomous province within Iraq. The region feels quite different from the rest of the country. Here you see many influences from the Kurdish regions in Iran, Syria and Turkey. The region has a rich culture, mixing Kurds with Arabs & Yazidis. During the six-day tour you will learn all about this. The guide will take you on a round trip through the region.

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1 Person: EUR 2495 2495
2 People: EUR 2125 2125
6 days tour - Kurdistan

General info

Days6 days / 5 nights
Best travel timeSpring, autumn, winter
DestinationsErbil, Duhok, Lalesh, Sulaymaniyah, Rawandas
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Day 1 – Erbil

  • Airport pickup in Erbil.
  • Exchange money on the local market (if necessary).
  • Civilization Museum.
  • Highlight: Tour the Citadel of Erbil, a UNESCO site.
  • Textile Museum.
  • Kurdish antique shop, a good place for unique souvenirs.
  • Walk through the Qaysai Bazaar, here you can buy everything.
  • Minaret of Choli (also known as the Mudhafaria Minaret). The minaret was built between 1190 and 1232.
  • Overnight stay in Erbil.

Day 2 – Erbil – Duhok

  • Highlight: Dayro d-Mor Monastery, with a guided tour by a monk.
  • Jirwana, one of the oldest aqueducts in the world.
  • Drive to Lalesh.
  • Highlight: Guided tour of Lalesh, the holy place for the Yazidis.
  • Visit to the village of Al Qush with the tomb of the prophet Nahum.
  • Mar Gorgis Monastery with the Mar Mekha Churches. This Christian place is still very active.
  • Rabban Hormizd Monastery, a monastery more than a thousand years old and carved into the rocks.
  • Ride to Duhok.
  • Overnight stay in Duhok.

Day 3 – Duhok – Amadiya – Rawandas

  • Drive to Amadiya.
  • The famous city gate Bab Zebar.
  • Minaret of Amadiya. The minaret is 30m high and has been there since the 15th century.
  • Former Sadam Hussein Palace. Nowadays there are only a few walls left.
  • Highlight: Drive to Rawandas, with a regular stop along the way for photos.
  • Mullah Mustapha Memorial (Father of present-day Kurdistan), a very important place for the Kurds.
  • Shanidar Cave, here are the remains of some Neanderthals found.
  • Highlight: Walk along the famous Hamilton Road.
  • Walk through the park of Rawandas.
  • Overnight stay in Rawandas.

Day 4 – Rawandas – Dokan – Sulaymaniyah

  • Drive to Sulaymaniyah via Dokan.
  • Visit to the Red Prison, where Kurds were locked up and tortured in the time of Saddam Hussein.
  • Highlight: Walk over the busy bazaar of Sulaymaniyah
  • Sha’ab Teahouse, an icon in the city.
  • View over the city from the Goizha mountain.
  • Overnight stay in Sulaymaniyah.

Day 5 – Sulaymaniyah – Halabja – Tawela

  • Sulaymaniyah Museum.
  • Drive to Halabja.
  • Genocide Museum with the equally impressive cemetery.
  • Waterfall on the border with Iran in Tawela.
  • Drive to Sulaymaniyah.
  • Overnight stay in Sulaymaniyah.

Day 6 – Suleimaniya – Erbil

  • Drive to Erbil via Koisinjak.
  • Highlight: Stop at an old caravanserai. Here you’ll feel like you’re traveling back in time.
  • Zarvi Cave and Dokan Lake. A place to relax and stretch your legs.
  • Airport drop-off.
  • End of tour.