Group tours to DR Congo

Join us on one of our group tours to DR Congo for the very best way to see this fascinating Central African country. From exploring the steamy jungles of Virunga National Park to meeting Pygmy tribes and exploring the vast reaches of the unknown, there is something for everyone on a trip to this unique African nation.
Our itinerary has been carefully crafted to make sure our group tours cover all the major attractions in DR Congo, from the aforementioned Virunga to the vibrant, colorful capital city of Kinshasa. Both before the trip and during, you’ll be taken care of by our guides, who will always be on hand to answer any queries and provide assistance with visa application questions, travel advice and any other issues you may have. Book today for the best way to see DR Congo!

Sapeurs in DRC

Date: 29 November – 8 December 2023

Price: € 4145

DR Congo, or Congo-Kinshasa, is one of the last unknown destinations in the world. The visa is hard to get (but we help you) and not many people know really what to expect in one of Africa’s biggest countries. During this tour, we’ll start with exploring the capital Kinshasa, including experiencing its unique subcultures of the sapeurs and the fetish wrestlers. After this, we’ll drive down in the Bas-Congo province towards the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way, we’ll experience local village life, see incredible nature, take a boat along the Congo River and finish with a dive into the Atlantic Ocean.

Jungle river tour in Congo brazzaville

Date: 8 – 11 December 2023

Price: € 1695

Welcome to the little brother of DR Congo; conveniently named: Congo! Congo Brazza (as it’s often called by locals) is sitting right next to DR Congo, the middle of Africa. The country was formerly occupied by the French, and has ever since still quite a French touch. During our tour we’ll explore the capital Brazzaville, with its famous sapeurs (today’s dandy’s)  and we’ll visit the Lesio Luna Wildelife Park. Here we’ll try to spot the Silverback Gorillas.

Gorillas in DR Congo

Date: 8 – 17 March 2024

Price: € 3995

Ever dreamed of seeing gorillas in the wild? Or exploring the highlights of Central Africa? During our Central Africa combo tour, we’ll explore 3 countries; Burundi, DR Congo, and Rwanda, all in one big leap. See the famous mountain gorillas, learn about the dark history of Rwanda and discover one of Africa’s most unknown countries: Burundi.

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