Join the Grand Celebration of Ethnic Sports

Are you ready to experience the thrill of nomadic heritage? The World Nomad Games (WNG) are a global celebration of ethnic sports rooted in the folk games of historically nomadic peoples of Central Asia. Recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage, the WNG aim to promote the development of ethno-sports and the ethno-cultural movement, protecting the heritage of human civilization. Join CultureRoad as we will be going to the 5th Edition of the World Nomad Games this year!

Extra note:
At the moment, the final program and prices for the World Nomad Games have not yet been announced. When they are announced, we might have to alter our itinerary a bit. However, the start and end dates are fixed, as are the tour prices. When the entry prices for the World Nomad Games are announced, we will send everybody an update.

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World Nomad Games Tour: EUR 2995 2995
Join the Grand Celebration of Ethnic Sports

General info

Start date7 September 2024
End date15 September 2024
Where Astana, Kazakhstan
Days9 days / 8 nights
Transportation on the ground
Local guide
Visa Support
Entry fees
ExcludingInternational flights
Single room: €400
Lunch & Dinner
Tips for the guide
Personal expenses
Entry World Nomad Games
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Saturday 7 September – Astana

  • Arrival in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, known for its modern architecture and home of the 2024 World Nomad Games.
  • Airport pick up.
  • Meet your group at the hotel before we head for a welcome dinner and learn about the World Nomad Games from our local guide.
  • Overnight stay in Astana.

Sunday 8 September – Astana – World Nomad Games

  • Highlight: Today is a big day! We will attend the grand Opening Ceremony of the World Nomad Games, expect spectacle, important officials and an amazing atmosphere.
  • Depending on the final schedule, we’ll watch the first traditional nomadic games.
  • We head back to the city for a city tour.
  • Highlight: We’ll start at Independence Square, the main square of Astana. Here you’ll see the Kazak Yeli, also known as the Independence Monument and the Palace of Independence.
  • See the Baiterek Monument, which represents the tree of life.
  • Marvel at the 62-meter-high Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, a creation designed by the renowned architect Norman Foster.
  • We check out the triumphal arch Mangilik Yel, a popular place for newlyweds.
  • See the Singing Fountain, with next to it Kazakhstan’s largest ferris wheel.
  • Overnight stay in Astana.

Monday 9 September – Astana – World Nomad Games

  • Highlight: We head to the futuristic EXPO-2017 Complex with its Nur Alem Museum of Future Energy. The complex featured various pavilions, displays, and events from participating countries, highlighting their contributions to shaping a sustainable future. Expect robots and even an aero tube.
  • We return to the World Nomad Games grounds.
  • Highlight: One of the sports we will witness is Zhamby Atu (horseback archery) competitions. For many locals, this is one of the highlights of the games.
  • Highlight: In the afternoon, we experience the thrilling Kokpar competitions, where participants fiercely compete for a billy-goat carcass. The sport is played all around Central Asia and often known as Kokpar, Bushkashi or dead-goat polo.
  • Overnight stay in Astana.

Tuesday 10 September – Astana – Burabay National Park

  • Today we will leave the city and make our way to Burabay National Park, also known as Borovoe. This is one of the most beautiful national parks around Astana.
  • Learn at the National Park’s info center, about the diverse flora and fauna of Burabay National Park, some of which are endangered and listed in the Red List.
  • Highlight: Check out the Okzhetpes Cliff, shaped like an elephant.
  • Make a stop at the Abylaikhan’s glade. This place showcases the history of Abylaikhan, who was the ruler of the Kazakh people.
  • Kenesary Cave. A former Kazakh ruler who fought for independence, justice and loved to hunt spent his nights in this cave.
  • Time to head back to Astana.
  • Overnight stay in Astana.

Wednesday 11 September – Astana – World Nomad Games

  • We start the day with a visit to an eagle hunter’s family. We discover how eagles are cared for, raised, fed, and trained for hunting.
  • Highlight: Once again, we return to the World Nomad Games 2024, this time we will attend the falconry show, Kusbegilik.
  • Highlight: Attend a traditional nomadic Kurash wrestling competition. Here participants use various holds and techniques to throw their opponents off balance and gain points.
  • To wrap up the day we’ll take a wine tasting with 3 types of white and 3 types of red wines from Kazakhstan. Yes, they also have great wines here!
  • Overnight stay in Astana.

Thursday 12 September – Astana – World Nomad Games

  • We leave the capital to uncover the dark history of Kazakhstan at the ALZhIR Museum-Memorial Complex. This place was a former Soviet Gulag and is today a learning center.
  • Highlight: At the World Nomad Games we try to experience the thrill of the Audaryspak competition, showcasing the tradition of horseback wrestling.
  • Unwind in the evening with free time to explore the lively nightlife of Astana.
  • Overnight stay in Astana.

Friday 13 September – Astana – World Nomad Games

  • Highlight: We start the day with a tour of the old city, delving into the city’s history and looking at impressive examples of Russian Empire and USSR architecture.
  • Visit the Hazrat Sultan Mosque, the largest mosque in Central Asia.
  • Explore the history and leadership legacy of the first president at the Museum of the First president of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
  • Highlight: Attend the Horse Racing Competitions, including Zhorga Zharys, a dynamic pacing race, and the long-distance races such as Kulaman Baige and Kunan Baige.
  • Overnight stay in Astana.

Saturday 14 September –Astana – World Nomad Games

  • Enjoy a free morning to explore the city on your own or do some last-minute shopping.
  • Highlight: Experience a Russian Banya (bathhouse / spa). This is a traditional sauna ritual known for its rejuvenating qualities, including steam sessions, and refreshing plunges into cold water for an overall wellness of relaxation and well-being.
  • Highlight: Time to head back to the World Nomad Games festival grounds for the closing ceremony.
  • Conclude our journey with a Kazakh farewell dinner.
  • Overnight stay in Astana.

Sunday 15 September – Astana

  • Airport drop-off.
  • End of the tour.