North Korea: the hermit kingdom

Travel to North Korea (officially DPRK). Are you ready for a vacation to one of the most closed off countries in the world? Book a group or individual trip and form your opinion based on your own experiences during a tour. North Korea is a destination you will remember forever. Expect shy, curious people who will do everything to make your trip as pleasant as possible. During your trip you will get acquainted with the Korean culture and traditions. We can already tell you one thing: a visit or holiday to North Korea will not soon be forgotten!

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North Korea

Name: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)
Capital: Pyongyang
Population: 25 million
Surface area: 120,000 km²
Language: Korean
Neighbouring countries: China, Russia, South Korea

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Highlights North Korea


Every trip to North Korea starts with a visit to Pyongyang, which makes perfect sense. This city is by far the largest and most important in the country. All the most important things happen here and its where the North Korean propaganda has the strongest presence. The most important sights for Koreans in the city are Mansudae Grand Monument, where two large bronze statues of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong- Il are and Kumsusan Palace of the Sun. This is the former palace and final resting place of Eternal President Kim Il-Sung. Here he lies in state together with his son Kim Jong- Il. The palace is one of the most sacred places for the North Koreans.

Parades, parades and dance performances

Everyone knows the central Kim Il-Sung Square from the big military parades that you see on television. In addition to the parades, regular exercises are held here for large parades and North Korean dance performances. Many group trips take place around one of the holidays. These days are also h é t moment for Korean parades and dance.

DMZ – the border between North and South Korea

The Korean Demilitarized Zone ( Demilitarized Zone of Korea, DMZ) is the 4km buffer zone between North Korea and South Korea. The border itself is a total of 248km long. At the village of Panmunjeom, you can visit the famous barracks on the border, the so-called Joint Security Area (JSA). During a visit to the DMZ you can see the South Korean flag fluttering and you can also see the exact location of the border. During your visit to the DMZ, the North Korean soldiers will tell you all about the historical value of this important border crossing point.

Mt. Paektu & Mt. Chilbo

In addition to a rich culture, North Korea also has particularly beautiful nature. Various tours, group tours and individual tours go to places like the sacred Mt. Paektu and Mt. Chilbo. Both mountains are situated in beautiful areas. In this environment you imagine yourself very far away from the capital Pyongyang. During these trips you will also get acquainted with life on the North Korean countryside.

History of North Korea

The Korean peninsula was not always made up of two countries. After the Korean War, which lasted from 1950 to 1953, the country was divided into a northern section and a southern section. North Korea came under a communist sphere of influence led by President Kim Il-Sung. He increasingly closed the country off from the outside world in order to establish the ideal state. One of the most noticeable changes was the introduction of a new era: the Juche calendar. This is based on the year of birth of Kim Il-Sung in 1912.

Great Leaders

Kim Il-Sung is known as the Eternal President and is still the country’s official president. After his death in 1994, the country entered a long period of deep mourning. Kim Jong-Il followed his father and continued his line. He was nicknamed Dear Leader. Kim Jong-Il passed away quite suddenly in 2011. Since then, the young Kim Jong-Un has been at the head of the country. His nicknames are the Marshal or the Supreme Leader. As you travel through North Korea, you will learn all about the history of the communist country from their perspective. 

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