Group tours to Somaliland (Somalia)

Is a visit to Somalia high on your bucket list? Would you like to do this in the comfort and safety of a group trip? Then join us on our Somaliland tour. This region can be explored easily with our group tours. We provide good western and local guides, who will make sure you have an unforgettable trip. The Somaliland region has declared itself unilaterally independent from the rest of Somalia. It is therefore not recognised internationally. During the group tour you have the dynamics and sociability of a group, but there is also room to explore on your own. Come with us now and discover Somalia!

boy with the military on Independence Day in Somaliland

Date: TBC

Price: € 1,095

Somaliland; to most it doesn’t sound very familiar. Yet it really exists! It’s the northern part of Somalia. The region has declared itself independent of the rest of the country, but it has never been internationally recognised. Travelling to Somaliland is safe and special. You meet hospitable, proud people who often feel honoured that you are visiting. You will also find the ancient rock paintings of Laas Geel. Moreover, during this tour you will experience the independence day celebrations.

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