Group tours to Eritrea

Join us on a group trip to the amazing country of Eritrea. During your tour you will visit all the highlights of this Horn of Africa country and enjoy the dynamics and sociability of travelling in a group. The group generally consists of interested adventurers of various ages. Eritrea is known as the ‘North Korea of Africa’. During a trip through the country you will soon notice why; there is a strict dictatorship and life is not easy. Besides these problems you will also meet friendly and warm people with a very rich & proud culture. Travel with us on a group tour to Eritrea!

women on Independence Day in Eritrea

Date: 21 – 25 May 2024

Price: € 1,545

Join us on a journey through Eritrea, a beautiful country with incredible Italian art deco architecture, white beaches and a very friendly people. The country is known to many people as the ‘North Korea of Africa’, because of the strict dictatorship that reigns there. The inhabitants however, will welcome you with open arms and are very curious about tourists visiting their country. During this tour you will also celebrate Independence Day, marking the day Eritrea officially became independent from Ethiopia.

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