About us

CultureRoad began in 2015. It has become your tour operator for destinations hard to reach all over the world. The regular face of CultureRoad is Dutchman Rik Brinks. An adventurer at heart and soul who still regularly travels with some  of our group tours. All our destinations are first carefully explored & curated by him before we put together the itineraries to offer. Making contact with the locals, looking beyond the beaten track, and having a full dose of good courage and optimism have brought CultureRoad to where it is today. New destinations are added regularly. Today, CultureRoad continues to excite you with new exotic adventures, unique experiences and wonderful memories. Want to know more about Rik? You can mail him at

A traveller is often conspicuous, and consequently is vulnerable. But in my travels, I whistled in the dark and assumed all would be well.

Paul Theroux – travel writer

The birth of CultureRoad

The place where most great ideas start is where CultureRoad originated: in the pub. In 2013, Dutch adventurers Caspar Steinebach and Rik Brinks decided to travel to North Korea. The idea for this trip came purely out of curiosity and interest. Is the image we have of North Korea accurate? Can you really travel there? After a journey full of amazement and reflection, CultureRoad was born. The often (one-sided) impressions we received from media about the country did not match our images of it after the trip. Apart from the big problems, there are also very friendly and welcoming people living in North Korea, just like in every country around the world.

This line of thinking led to the birth of CultureRoad: a specialized travel agent that takes travellers to hard-to-reach destinations.

Why travel with CultureRoad?

  • Experienced travel experts

    Years of experience in dealing with hard-to-reach destinations.

  • The best local guides

    Carefully selected and will always be ready to help you.

  • Responsible and sustainable

    We always travel with respect for culture and environment.

  • Everything is taken care off

    Whether you are joining a private or group trip, we have you covered.