Individual trips to DR Congo

Love traveling but hate the crowds? Fear not – we are able to offer a more personalized experience in the form of an individual (or private group) tour to DR Congo. Whether you’d like to create your own trip from scratch and provide us with the itinerary or you’d prefer that we create one for you, we are able to accommodate any requests you might have for your private trip. 

Throughout your trip, you’ll be taken care of by experienced guides who will ensure that your needs and requests are met. Be sure to experience the wonders of DR Congo in a way that works for you on your very own private tour of this fascinating country!

You can choose between a tailor-made trip and one of our example trips.
Of course, everything is completely adjustable to your wishes.

Highlights include:
– Bukavu
– Idjwi

Highlights include:
– Kinshasa
– Zonga Falls

Tell us your wishes and we will help you out!

– Budget choice 
– Length   
– Specific interests

– For example:
– Kinshasa
– Jungle tour
– Congo river
– Pygmy tribes
– Kisangani
– Goma
– etc.