3 special museums in Afghanistan to visit

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OMAR Landmine Museum in Kabul, Afghanistan

Surprising museums in Kabul and Herat

Visiting museums may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you travel to Afghanistan. But it is possible! It took a while, but we have found 3 very unique Afghani museums for you. How about a museum especially for landmines? Or the Jihad museum? Get to know the 3 most unique museums of Afghanistan!

1. OMAR Land Mine Museum, Kabul

Yes, a landmine museum in the middle of Kabul. And the weird thing is, it’s somewhere where it makes sense too. Afghanistan is littered with landmines from various wars. Unfortunately there are still daily victims (often children) because of these invisible bombs. So there is still a long way to go before the country is mine-free again.
The OMAR Land Mine Museum is maintained by the Organization for Mine Clearance and Afghan Rehabilitation (OMAR). The museum also serves as a training centre for land mine clearance and UXO. In addition to various types of mines, the museum also exhibits UXO’s and even suicide suits. By showing everything explicitly, the museum hopes to make Afghans aware of the dangers and consequences of mines.

2. National Museum of Afghanistan, Kabul

The National Museum of Afghanistan was for a long time one of the most important museums in Central Asia. With more than 100,000 objects, it was an important and large museum of great stature in the region. During the civil war, the National Museum unfortunately became one of the places where a lot of fighting took place.
As a result, the museum lost 70% of its collection and with it its great prestige in the region. The building itself was properly restored after the war, but the collection was not. Walking through the museum you feel the pain and loss of this once so important museum.

2. Jihad Museum, Herat

When the Russian soldier Abdel Wahab Qattali was captured in Herat by the Taliban, he had to opt for Islam or the death penalty. He chose the first option, thereby saving his own life. Today Herat is in the hands of the Afghan Government and Adbel has given his life a new direction.
He founded the People’s Museum, also known as the Manzar-e Jahad – Jihad Museum. The museum tells the story of the Mujahedeen fighters, who fought against the Russians in the 1970s. A special and fierce story that will certainly not leave you unmoved. In addition, there is a wide range of artillery on display. If you like guns, this museum is not to be missed!

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