Group tours to Saudi Arabia

Come with us to mysterious Saudi Arabia. Discover the secrets of the desert kingdom and its Arabic culture on a group trip. Saudi Arabia has only been open to tourists since 2019, a journey here is therefore a very special experience. You will be greeted with open arms and curious eyes. You will also see the internal struggle between traditional and modern Saudi Arabia. By going on a group trip you will experience the dynamics and conviviality of the group, but you will also get enough freedom for yourself. Often the group consists of like minded, adventurous travellers from all corners of the world. So join us on this adventure now and book your place in one of our group tours to Saudi Arabia!

Masmak fort in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Date: 6 – 13 October 2024

Price: € 2,845

It is one of the most powerful players in the Middle East, but also, one of the most unknown places. For many years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was an almost impossible country for non-Muslims to travel to. It has changed recently. The country is opening up to tourists and would like to welcome new visitors. Join our tour and discover the famous cities of Riyadh and Jeddah, but also the special places Al Ula, Ha’il and Medina. It will quickly amaze you how beautiful the country is and how friendly the people are.

Saudi men in local dress

Date: 8 – 15 February 2025

Price: € 2,845

Mysterious and unknown, for many people these are the most common words to describe Saudi Arabia. For years the country was closed off to any form of tourism and foreigners were only allowed to come to work or to make a pilgrimage. This has changed since 2019, and curious tourists are slowly starting to visit the Kingdom. Join our tour and discover the famous cities of Riyadh and Jeddah, and amazing places like Ha’il, Medina and Al Ula. Soon you will notice that it is a very hospitable country and that the people are curious and proud to be able to present their country to you.

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