First Western travel agency to offer trips to Syria again

For the first time since the civil war, western travel companies are offering trips to Syria again. One of them is the Dutch travel agency CultureRoad, which is responding to an increasing demand for this special destination. Especially post-COVID, the numbers of inquiries to unique and unusual destinations are increasing at a rapid pace.

The wondrous architecture of Asmara

For true architecture lovers, the capital of Eritrea, Asmara, is a must-see destination in the Horn of Africa. This African capital consists of a unique combination of Art Deco architecture, ancient Orthodox churches and Roman aqueducts. As you stroll through the streets of the capital, you feel as if you are in Italy but 70 years ago. Highly recommended, according to the team at CultureRoad!

How to get a tourist visa for Syria

At first glance, it may seem like a daunting task. Getting a visa for travel to Syria. But (for many nationalities) it's less complicated than it seems. We'll help you on your way with this blog.

Syria open for tourism

After 1,5 year of closure, Syria has resumed tourist visa. Since this week tourist visas are issues again for most Western countries (including USA). While it’s still very recent news, several announcements have already been made about the new regulations.

UNESCO sites in Iraq

The cradle of civilization. Iraq’s famous nickname. And rightly so, the country is full of historic constructions that are reminiscent of a bygone era. Ancient Mesopotamia has always played a major role in our history. In that respect, old Iraq is not inferior to historically rich countries such as Greece, Egypt and Italy. The UNESCO World Heritage Organization also recognizes the importance of Iraq. Herewith, we present a list of all UNESCO sites in Iraq. Plus, we’ll tell you if it's open for visiting or not.

Afghanistan Update

In the last 5 years CultureRoad has been organizing numerous trips to Afghanistan. Every single traveller came back with fond memories of one of our most special destinations. However, in the last few weeks the security situation in Afghanistan has changed so rapidly that none of us would have thought possible, including a change of regime.

How do you travel to Socotra?

Socotra. But how do you get to Socotra? The easiest way to travel to Socotra is by plane. You can also travel by boat, but then you will have to find a cargo ship in the Omani coastal town of Salalah that you can sail on. There is no scheduled sailing route for passengers to Socotra.

Saudi Arabia opens up again for tourism

Saudi Arabia announced that it is allowing tourists in again from August 1, 2021 . The country stopped issuing tourist visas in March 2020, so they are starting it again almost 1.5 years later. An important moment for Saudi Arabia, as tourism is one of the most important projects the country is focusing on for the next 10 years.

COVID-19 – €50 Booking Promotion

The coronavirus still holds the travel world in its grip. However, we can slowly see the future for intercontinental travelling again. The corona passport has been launched in the European Union and more and more countries are introducing flexible conditions to admit tourists again. A great development, but what can you do now if you are eager to travel?

UPDATE: We explain everything here about visas for Iraq and Kurdistan

Do you have the cradle of civilization high on your travel list? Have you always wanted to set foot in legendary Babylon? Or are you just curious to see how the country is doing after IS has been ousted? Then we have good news, travelling to Iraq is partly very easy and partly quite difficult, but absolutely possible. Let us explain.