Tribes in Angola

Angola is home to many unique and special tribes. Each tribe has its own culture, language, customs, and beliefs that make them stand out from the rest of the country. These tribes have a strong sense of trust and community which makes it a safe place for anyone who wishes to visit or live there.

Angola’s New Visa Policy: Visa-Free Access for Travellers from 98 Countries

Angola's visa policy has undergone a remarkable transformation. Now it became a more accessible and attractive destination for tourists. The days of navigating a complex and cumbersome visa application process, has passed. Angolan President Lourenço issued a presidential decree on October 2nd, opening the doors to tourists from 98 countries worldwide. This policy allows them to enter Angola without the need for a tourist visa.

Discovering the Vibrant Culture of Angola’s Mumhila Tribe

Amidst the ethnic groups that call Angola home, the Mumhila tribe emerges as a distinctive and captivating community, boasting a rich cultural heritage. In this blog post, we will embark on a journey into the world of the Mumhila tribe, delving into their history, customs, and the vibrant fabric of their culture.

The ultimate party: Carnival in Angola

Celebrating carnival in Africa is perhaps not the first place that comes to mind when we talk about carnivals, but we have found the most unique place. In Angola, situated on the Atlantic Ocean opposite Brazil (and also a former Portuguese colony), carnival is the biggest celebration of the year. Expect celebrations, colours, alcohol and lots of fun! But sssssssht! Don't tell anyone!