Group tours to Afghanistan

Join us as we discover the amazing country of Afghanistan. During a group tour through this fascinating place you will discover the secrets of Afghan culture, as well as enjoying the dynamic and experience of a group trip. Our groups are often adventurous open minded travellers from all over the world. Moreover, travelling in Afghanistan is an adventure in itself, which makes it ideal for small group tours. So join us on this adventure and book a place on our group tour now!

At the moment all our Afghanistan tours are suspended until further notice.

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During our spring group tour through Afghanistan you will discover the historical side of Kabul. A centuries-old city where today you will find a mix of the past and the future. We also visit arguably the most beautiful place in Afghanistan: Bamian. Once upon a time giant Buddha statues stood here, until the Taliban blew them up at the beginning of this century. The nature and scenery here is still spectacular. You will soon understand why every Afghan gets so enthusiastic when we talk about Bamian! As the icing on the cake, we visit the historic city of Herat and the special Panshir Valley.

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