UNESCO sites in Iraq

The cradle of civilization. Iraq’s famous nickname. And rightly so, the country is full of historic constructions that are reminiscent of a bygone era. Ancient Mesopotamia has always played a major role in our history. In that respect, old Iraq is not inferior to historically rich countries such as Greece, Egypt and Italy. The UNESCO World Heritage Organization also recognizes the importance of Iraq. Herewith, we present a list of all UNESCO sites in Iraq. Plus, we’ll tell you if it's open for visiting or not.

UPDATE: We explain everything here about visas for Iraq and Kurdistan

Do you have the cradle of civilization high on your travel list? Have you always wanted to set foot in legendary Babylon? Or are you just curious to see how the country is doing after IS has been ousted? Then we have good news, travelling to Iraq is partly very easy and partly quite difficult, but absolutely possible. Let us explain.

Watch the 360 video we made in Iraq

We are back again! Together with the video production company 87seconds: The Video Content Agency we made a 360 video of our group trip through Iraq. Watch below the whole video (VR glasses advised).