Syria open for Americans

Our local partner has confirmed that as of now, American citizens can apply for a tourist visa for Syria again. This is great news for anyone who has been wanting to visit this beautiful and historic country. In the recent years Americans were not able to acquire a Syrian tourist visa, but recently this has been changed. Anybody from the United States (U.S.A.) can now apply for a Syrian tourist visa.

Trip report: travelling to Syria in 2022

Josephine travelled with CultureRoad on a group tour to Syria in 2022. Read her full trip report below. Because of my work with refugees, many of them Syrian, I became increasingly curious about the country in recent years. Syrians would often tell me proudly about their country and then say, "Come to Syria! Then you will also see the other, beautiful side of the country". Thanks to CultureRoad, I finally got to visit this special homeland of many. How worthwhile it was!

First Western travel agency to offer trips to Syria again

For the first time since the civil war, western travel companies are offering trips to Syria again. One of them is the Dutch travel agency CultureRoad, which is responding to an increasing demand for this special destination. Especially post-COVID, the numbers of inquiries to unique and unusual destinations are increasing at a rapid pace.

6 highlights of travelling to Syria

Sitting on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea and home to some of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited settlements, Syria is a fascinating nation that sits at the crossroads of Europe, Asia Minor and the Middle East. Boasting some of the best preserved ancient ruins in the world in addition to some overwhelmingly beautiful natural scenery, there is no end of sites for the intrepid traveller to visit here. Let’s take a look at the top 6 highlights of Syria.

How to get a tourist visa for Syria

At first glance, it may seem like a daunting task. Getting a visa for travel to Syria. But (for many nationalities) it's less complicated than it seems. We'll help you on your way with this blog.

Syria open for tourism

After 1,5 year of closure, Syria has resumed tourist visa. Since this week tourist visas are issues again for most Western countries (including USA). While it’s still very recent news, several announcements have already been made about the new regulations.