Saudi Arabia opens up again for tourism

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Saudi Arabia announced that it is allowing tourists in again from August 1, 2021 . The country stopped issuing tourist visas in March 2020, so they are starting it again almost 1.5 years later. An important moment for Saudi Arabia, as tourism is one of the most important projects the country is focusing on for the next 10 years.

Tourist visa conditions

To be eligible for a tourist visa you must currently meet the following conditions:
– Be fully vaccinated (Moderna, Pfizer, Jansen or AstraZenica)
– Negative PCR test before arrival (max. 72 hours)
– Registration in the Tawakkalna App. This is the   Saudi government’s national health app
– Insurance coverage for COVID-19
If you meet these conditions, you do not have to quarantine on arrival. More information and the latest news about the visa application can also be found on the official visa website of Saudi Arabia.

Open for tourism

Saudi Arabia only started issuing tourist visa as recently as October 2019  . For years, the country, which mainly earns money from oil, was only accessible to businessmen and pilgrims. That has drastically changed with the arrival of the tourist visa. The Saudi government started prestigious construction projects and tourism became one of the pillars of the “Vision 2030” project.

In October 2019, CultureRoad was one of the first tour companies to bring a group of eager tourists into Saudi Arabia. Group trips are also planned for this autumn and for 2022. We also organize independent, individual tours through the country. Contact us for more information.