Sports at the World Nomad Games in Astana

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Step into the heart of the nomadic culture and witness the exhilarating World Nomad Games, a grand celebration of traditional sports and cultural heritage, set against the stunning backdrop of Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey through the excitement and vibrancy of this unique event that brings together nomadic traditions, sportsmanship, and the captivating spirit of the nomadic tribes.

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The games

The World Nomad Games, held this year in the dynamic city of Astana, serve as a tribute to the nomadic lifestyle. The event showcases a diverse array of traditional sports, games, and cultural performances that have been passed down through generations. The game takes place every two year and has a new host country each time.

Most known sport during the games

The most popular sport during the World Nomad Games is called Kok Par. This is an exciting show that captivates audiences with its high-energy competition. Teams of skilled riders engage in a fierce battle competing to control a goat or sheep carcass and aiming to carry it to the goal for valuable points. With its roots deeply embedded in Central Asian culture, Kok Par attracts thousands of enthusiastic spectators who passionately cheer for their preferred teams. While the competition is traditionally dominated by Central Asian teams, the 2016 World Nomad Games saw a surprising fan favorite – a team of cowboys from the United States, adding an international flair to this intense and unique sport.

Kokpar sport at the World Nomad Games

Sports at the World Nomad Games

Next to the Kokpar there are various different traditional and ethnic sports, drawing inspiration from the nomadic cultures of Central Asia. This is the list for the sports that will be taking place during the games. Want to know more about the sports? Check out the World Nomad Games official page.

Folk nomad games:

  • Asyk Atu: Game where players aim to flip a wooden board with the help of a whip, showcasing accuracy and skill in this unique and competitive activity.
  • Ordo: A strategic board game played in Kyrgyzstan, involving the placement of tokens to create a line while blocking opponents, testing players’ tactical thinking and spatial awareness.
  • Tug of war: A universally recognized sport where two teams compete to pull a rope in opposite directions.

HorseBack Sport Competitions:

  • Kokpar: Teams trying to get a goat into the goal as mentioned above.
  • Horseback Wrestling: The name speaks for itself. This is all about wrestling on a horseback.
  • Tenge Ilu: This is a individual horseback competition.

Wrestling Sport Competitions:

  • Kazakh Kuresi: National wresteling, The Republic of Kazakhstan. The fight is carried out in a standing position with action without grabbing the legs with hands.
  • Ashyrtmaly Aba Gureshi: National belt wrestling. Turkish belt wrestling featuring athletes wearing leather trousers (aba) who strive to control and throw their opponents by gripping a special belt wrapped around their waist.
  • Kurash: National wrestling, The Republic of Uzbekistan. The wrestling rules strictly prohibit engaging in matches from a prone lying position, mandating that competitors must remain standing throughout.
  • Sireum: National belt wrestling. Korean belt wrestling where participants clad in satba (cloth belts) attempt to force their opponent out of a sand-filled ring or bring them to the ground using a variety of techniques.
  • Alysh: National belt wrestling. Kyrgyz belt wrestling featuring two competitors donning traditional attire and aiming to throw each other to the ground by grabbing and manipulating a special belt wrapped around the waist.

Intellectual nomad games:

  • Togyzkumalak: Intellectual game, involving strategic counting and capturing of seeds or stones in various pits, requiring sharp analytical skills and foresight.
  • Mangala: Intellectual game, A strategic board game played in Turkey, where players sow and capture seeds in pits, testing their tactical thinking and planning abilities in this traditional intellectual pursuit.
  • Oware: Intellectual game, challenges players’ intellect through the calculated distribution of seeds among pits, testing mathematical acumen, memory, and foresight.

Traditional & Horseback Archery:

  • Dasturli Sadak Atu: Traditional archery.
  • Zhamby Atu: Traditional horseback archery.

National hunting with birds:

  • Burkit: Hunting with an eagle.
  • Karshyga: Hunting with a hawk.
  • Itelgi: Hunting with a falcon.

Why Attend the World Nomad Games?

Visiting the World Nomad Games in Astana is a unique chance to see tradition, sportsmanship, and cultural pride come together. Whether you’re into sports or love cultural events, or just want a one-of-a-kind adventure, the World Nomad Games in Astana will give you unforgettable memories and a greater understanding of Kazakhstan’s nomadic heritage. Register here to attend the World Nomad Games in 2024.

Wrestlers at World Nomad games