Majestic Angel Falls in Venezuela

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Have you always dreamt of embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to witness the awe-inspiring Angel Falls in Venezuela? Are you ready to experience the complete beauty of the world’s highest unbroken waterfall, surrounded by lush rainforests and the vibrant cultural heritage of the indigenous Pemón people? Join us on our upcoming Venezuelan tours, and make your dream journey.

This article explores Venezuela’s enchanting landscapes, focusing on the iconic Angel Falls.

Angel Falls is, without a doubt, one of the most breathtaking waterfalls that can be seen anywhere in the world. It is the highest unbroken waterfall on Earth and can be found in Venezuela. Its astounding 979 meters (3,212 feet) makes it the highest waterfall on the planet. Locals refer to it by its indigenous name, Churn Mer, which, when translated from Pemón, means “the fall from a high height.” 

When you travel with CultureRoad, one of the most stunning spots you’ll see in Venezuela is Angel Falls.

Location: Auyantepui

The waterfall in Venezuela receives its water supply from a vast network of smaller waterfalls fed into it by various streams in the region. After that, the water pours into a single stream that plies its way down a cliff face at an angle of sixty degrees, producing a breathtaking waterfall. It is believed that tectonic activity in the area is responsible for giving Auyantepui its distinctive form.

The waterfall itself has two unique drops: a shorter one that is 807 meters (2,648 feet) in height and a much greater one that is 979 meters (3,029 feet) in height (3,212 feet). As a result, Angel Falls is recognized as the world’s highest unbroken waterfall.

Angel falls Venezuela

The Angel falls themselves are beautiful, so is the surrounding landscape

The falls are situated in a pristine rainforest, complete with sheer cliffs, verdant flora, and a wide range of wildlife. The unusual shape of the waterfall is another striking feature of Angel Falls. Angel Falls is unique among waterfalls since the water flows over the brink like a misty curtain rather than a straight drop. 

Last but not least, the natural environment is still untouched, making it a great spot to learn about the indigenous Pemón culture and to marvel at the region’s abundant flora and fauna.


Canaima National Park was established in 1962 to preserve the area’s extraordinary variety of plant and animal life. The area around Angel Falls is included in the park. 

It is the habitat of several endangered species, including the blue-throated macaw, giant anteaters, tapirs, jaguars, and pumas. In the area surrounding the waterfall, there are also many different kinds of birds that may be observed soaring about.

At CultureRoad we visit the park to better look at the region’s unique flora and fauna, so it’s no surprise that the park is such a popular location. In addition to this, it is well-known for its Pemón villages, where group tours may get insight into traditional ways of living and purchase artisanal goods made by local craftspeople.

Canaima National Park, animal life


The American aviator Jimmy Angel discovered the waterfall in 1933 as he was flying over the region on a gold mining trip. Angel was flying over the area at the time. 

Both he and his jet became stranded on top of a neighboring peak known as Auyantepui, which means “Devil’s Mountain.” He gave the mountain its name after himself. It took him another four years and the assistance of two native guides in order for him to get to the bottom of the waterfall.

Local tribe Angel Falls
Group photo at Angel Falls Venezuela

How to get to Angel Falls

Embarking on the journey to Angel Falls is an adventure in itself. The only way you can get to Angel Falls is by plane. No roads lead to the Canaima village, from which you’ll depart by boat to Angel Falls.

Twice a week a charter flight from Caracas to Canaima National Park is available. Leaving and returning on Thursday and Sunday. Once at Canaima, you will need to take a 6–7-hour boat ride to the base of the falls, during which you’ll see breathtaking scenery. From there, an hour-long hike will bring you to the Angel Falls. Next to this there is also the option to fly over the falls in a private plane or opting for a helicopter ride, allowing you to land close to the top of the Angel Falls.

It is evident that the path to this natural marvel is as extraordinary as the falls themselves. Hurry no longer if you’ve been wanting to discover the genuine allure of this natural marvel and the surroundings! Come on our next CultureRoad trips to Angel Falls with us.

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