5 most common misunderstandings about Pakistan

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Local sales man in the Hunza Valley in Pakistan

And why you should experience it yourself

Pakistan. For many people, a bell rings somewhere, but often not a very positive bell. Don’t worry, CultureRoad is here to break your prejudices about Pakistan and to tell you about a different side. A country that is definitely worth a visit!

Misunderstanding 1: It is super dangerous!

No, it is not! Of course, there are areas where it is better not to go, but generally speaking, Pakistan is a safe destination. In recent decades, the country has had a number of bad years, but in the last few years everything has been going in the right direction. The government is very keen to get tourists and is doing everything it can to ensure that it is a safe destination. Also, be aware that Pakistan is the 36th largest country in the world in terms of land area and the 6th largest in terms of population. And like any country of this size, Pakistan has its own problems, but they are certainly no reason to stay away!

Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan

Misunderstanding 2: It’s just like India

Say this to any Pakistani and you will have a good discussion straight away! Of course, both countries have a long history together, but there are also clear differences. In general, Pakistanis are more relaxed in their dealings and they also share many cultural characteristics with neighbouring Iran and Afghanistan. In addition, Pakistan is much less touristy than India. Then there is also the difference (and the similarity) in terms of food between Pakistan and India, but we won’t go into this discussion.

Misunderstanding 3: It is terribly difficult to obtain a visa

Come on! If you are willing to go to complicated countries, then you are also willing to go through the (sometimes) complicated visa procedures. But believe us, Pakistan is not that bad. Besides that, we will also help you with it.

Misunderstanding 4: It is a strictly Muslim country

Yes, it is a Muslim country, but Pakistan is not as strict as its neighbours. It is true that alcohol is banned, as it is in Iran and Afghanistan, but that does not mean that you cannot have a great time here. Pakistan is also not so bad when it comes to clothing regulations (for men and women).

Farmer and grandson in Burj Attari, Pakistan
Rope bridge of Passu, Pakistan

Misunderstanding 5: There is nothing to see!

Ask anyone to name anything familiar from Pakistan. They probably won’t think of anything. Ok, there is no Great Wall of China and there is no Taj Mahal, but they have plenty of other attractions to offer. There are many sites that are protected by UNESCO, places that hardly attract any tourists. There is also a lot of contemporary culture to experience. How about street doctors, Lollywood (Lahore’s version of Bollywood), truck painters, the second largest salt mine in the world… Not to mention nature! From the desert in the south to the famous Karakoram Highway in the north!

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