See the sarcophagus of Chernobyl

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Sarcophagus over the Nuclear Power Plant in Chernobyl

Welcome to Chernobyl!

Last week, the new sarcophagus was pushed over Reactor 3 in Chernobyl. The Dutch company Mammoet was talking about a ‘mega-operation’. The sarcophagus is so large that it would easily fit over the Amsterdam Arena or a cathedral. The enormous structure is designed to stop the radiation. It is also used to slowly dismantle the reactor that exploded in 1986.

Visit Chernobyl and Pripyat

Do you want to see the sarcophagus with your own eyes? You can visit Chernobyl with us. Go to the deserted ghost town of Pripyat and visit mysterious, deserted Soviet villages. You will stay in the area for about three days and visit different places.

Soviet model city

Pripyat was a Soviet model city. Workers had everything you needed here after a long day’s work: swimming pools, sports halls and restaurants. After the accident with the nuclear reactor, the residents had to leave in a hurry. They had almost no time to pack their belongings. This created a ghost town that is almost untouched and gives a good picture of daily life in the Soviet Union in the eighties.

CultureRoad will visit Chernobyl and Pripyat several times in the coming year. Would you like to travel with us?  Take a look at our group tours and individual trips!