COVID-19 – €50 Booking Promotion

The coronavirus still holds the travel world in its grip. However, we can slowly see the future for intercontinental travelling again. The corona passport has been launched in the European Union and more and more countries are introducing flexible conditions to admit tourists again. A great development, but what can you do now if you are eager to travel?

UPDATE: We explain everything here about visas for Iraq and Kurdistan

Do you have the cradle of civilization high on your travel list? Have you always wanted to set foot in legendary Babylon? Or are you just curious to see how the country is doing after IS has been ousted? Then we have good news, travelling to Iraq is partly very easy and partly quite difficult, but absolutely possible. Let us explain.

3 special museums in Afghanistan to visit

Visiting museums may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you travel to Afghanistan. But it is possible! It took a while, but we have found 3 very unique Afghani museums for you. How about a museum especially for landmines? Or the Jihad museum? Get to know the 3 most unique museums of Afghanistan!

The ultimate party: Carnival in Angola

Celebrating carnival in Africa is perhaps not the first place that comes to mind when we talk about carnivals, but we have found the most unique place. In Angola, situated on the Atlantic Ocean opposite Brazil (and also a former Portuguese colony), carnival is the biggest celebration of the year. Expect celebrations, colours, alcohol and lots of fun! But sssssssht! Don't tell anyone!

How much does it cost to travel to North Korea

We are often asked what a trip to North Korea actually costs. The answer is that the price always depends on what exactly you want. A bit vague of course, but in practice that’s how it works. What we can say is that a trip to North Korea does not have to be expensive at all. Here we explain the costs you have to take into account if you want to travel to North Korea.

Chernobyl vs. Chernobyl: the series vs. reality

As a true travel fanatic you have probably seen the HBO series 'Chernobyl'. Spectacular, sinister, dark and shockingly realistic. That's how the series was received. In the west, people were generally more positive about it than in Russia. The Russian filmmaker Aleksey Muradov has even claimed that he is going to make a counter-documentary in which 'the truth' comes out. According to him, the CIA was behind the nuclear disaster. In any case, there is no doubt that the series is extremely popular. According to many, the 5 episodes give a fairly realistic representation of what happened in the days, weeks and months around 26 April 1986.

3 amazing border crossings you must experience in your life

If you travel regularly through Europe, you would almost forget that up until 25 years ago, you were sometimes waiting in line at border crossings for hours. Fortunately (or unfortunately), you can still experience this today. You just have to travel a bit further. Here are three unique border crossings and how to get there.

5 most common misunderstandings about Pakistan

Pakistan. For many people, a bell rings somewhere, but often not a very positive bell. Don't worry, CultureRoad is here to break your prejudices about Pakistan and to tell you about a different side. A country that is definitely worth a visit!