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Practical travel information regarding Uzbekistan

Your trip

When is the best time to plan your visit to Uzbekistan?

The weather in Uzbekistan is generally warm and dry. The best time to travel to Uzbekistan is in the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). At that time the temperature is often between 20 to 25 degrees. In the summer months it can get very hot (between 30 and 35 degrees) and in the winter months cold (between 0 and 10 degrees). 

Do I need insurance for my trip to Uzbekistan?

Everyone must take out travel and health insurance before leaving for Uzbekistan. Whether Uzbekistan is covered by your policy differs per insurance policy. In most cases this will not be a problem. At CultureRoad we recommend: IATI Travel Insurance, a reliable company that has different insurance options that fits your personal needs. Book now to get a 5% discount!

Do I need a visa for Uzbekistan?

Since 2019, you no longer need a visa for traveling to Uzbekistan. By default, you will receive a stamp in your passport upon arrival, after which you can stay for up to 30 days. This rule applies to land borders and airports.

What is the time zone in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan uses the time zone UCT +5.
Uzbekistan has no difference between summer and winter time.

How can I pay and how much will I spend in Uzbekistan?

In Uzbekistan they pay with the Uzbek Sum. You can only pay with cash. ATMs are increasingly present in Uzbekistan and it is not difficult to get money. Euros are generally accepted at banks and exchange offices. However, it is better to bring American Dollars. These are accepted everywhere and are easily exchanged. For the most recent exchange rate, visit
Of course it mainly depends on yourself how much you actually spend. As a guideline we keep approx. € 20 to € 30 per day with which you should be able to make it. However, if you would like to buy souvenirs, it is better to bring some extra. Local, traditional hats can cost up to € 50, handmade ceramics are usually between € 20 and € 30. Drinks are generally around € 1, for a meal you can spend between € 5 – € 10. Tipping local guides is always encouraged. They don’t earn much in this part of the world and it often makes a big difference to them. Of course this is according to your own preference.

Do I have to arrange my international flight to Uzbekistan myself?

We are always available to advise you when booking a flight. However, most customers prefer to book the flight themselves. Often this is cheaper in terms of price and you can pick your own preferences. 

Practical information

What is the voltage and which plug should I use in Uzbekistan?

The complete electricity supply in Uzbekistan is 220 Volt / 50 Hz. You cannot use a European plug in the country, so we recommend that you bring a universal plug

Is there internet access and can I make calls in Uzbekistan?

In general, internet is available in hotels in Uzbekistan. There is also mobile coverage in the whole country. You can therefore easily make and receive calls. It is also possible to buy a local SIM card. The local guide can help you with this. 

Local culture

What are the local customs in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is an Islamic country, but for an Islamic country it’s quite liberal. There is enough alcohol available and women do not have to wear a headscarf. Uzbeks themselves are also very hospitable people. Tourism in Uzbekistan has been on the rise in recent years, with the easing of the visa process as a huge boost. Uzbeks are generally curious about you and would like to know more.
A few rules to keep in mind:
– Do not take photos of military, military vehicles, or military installations in use.
– Always ask permission before taking a photo.
– Always take off your shoes when entering a mosque or house. Never show your shoe sole when you sit down.
– Don’t pass by someone who is praying.

Is it safe in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is a safe country to travel around. Nowadays you can also take basically everything with you in the country. Sometimes, when you leave the country. they still look at your laptop or at the photos from your phone. So make sure that there are no explicit photos or videos on there.

Can I take pictures in Uzbekistan?

In general, you can take photos freely in Uzbekistan. A few years ago they were a lot stricter, but nowadays it is no longer a problem. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.
– Always ask permission before taking a photo of a person. 
– Be careful with photos of military, military installations, police officers or government buildings.

Food and drinks in Uzbekistan

Food is taken very seriously by Uzbek and is therefore a very important part of everyday life. Unlike its neighbours, Uzbekistan is not really nomadic in origin. Of course there are still several dishes from the neighbouring countries, but Uzbekistan has also developed a strong kitchen of its own. Famous dishes that are definitely worth a try include plov, manti, shurpa, shashlik, lagman and samsa. In terms of meat, you qill mainly come across sheep, cow and horse meat. Uzbekistan is also the ideal place for nuts and legumes due to the climate. In connection with a bad filter system for bacteria, it is not possible to drink water from the tap in Uzbekistan.
Drinking alcohol is, despite being a Islamic country, not a problem in Uzbekistan. There is a vodka and wine tradition and beer is generally available everywhere.

What should I wear in Uzbekistan?

In general, as a tourist you can dress just like at home (in all reasonableness of course). Make sure you have comfortable shoes, because you will usually walk a lot. In most hotels there is an opportunity do laundry.

Health and hygiene

Uzbekistan is a developing country. Health care is less well developed than in Europe. The hygiene standard is much lower than in the Western world. Make sure you have enough disinfection gel, sunscreen and insect repellent.
We advise you always to the last (health) risk programs for the region where you’re going to visit. Check with your own government for the latest info about your destination.

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