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Saudi Autumn Tour

It is one of the most powerful players in the Middle East, but also, one of the most unknown places. For many years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was an almost impossible country for non-Muslims to travel to. It has changed recently. The country is opening up to tourists and would like to welcome new visitors. Join our tour and discover the famous cities of Riyadh and Jeddah, but also the special places Al Ula, Ha’il and Medina. It will quickly amaze you how beautiful the country is and how friendly the people are.

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Saudi Autumn Tour

General info

Start dateSunday 6 October 2024
End dateSunday 13 October 2024
Days8 days / 7 nights
Price€ 2,845
IncludingAccommodation (shared)
Transportation on the ground
Western & local guide
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Entry fees
ExcludingInternational flights
Single room (€ 400)
Tips for the guide
Personal expenses
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Sunday 6 October – Riyadh

  • Arrival in the capital Riyadh, on this day an airport pick-up is included.
  • At six o’clock you will meet the group at the hotel.
  • Overnight stay in Riyadh.

Monday 7 October – Riyadh – Jebel Fihrayn (Edge of World)

  • Visit Al Masmak Fort. It is an ancient mud-brick fortress that holds significant historical importance in the formation of present-day Saudi Arabia. Constructed from mud-brick and clay, it is adorned with sand and stands as one of the most iconic landmarks of Saudi Arabia. According to historians, this fortress was built in 1865, and it serves as a lasting symbol of the once-powerful empire of that era.
  • Proceed to visit Al Zal Souk, a bustling market offering a wide array of products for sale, making it an excellent place to experience the authentic culture of the country. Most shop owners are fluent in English and are welcoming to foreign hagglers.
  • Before lunch, we will visit Deera Square, also known locally as Chop Chop Square.
  • Venture into the desert just outside Riyadh.
  • Highlight: Arrival at Jebel Fihrayn, also known as The Edge of the World. A beautiful nature reserve (Jabal Tuwaiq) with large, deep ravines where you have an infinite view on the horizon. In the distance you can see dry rivers and camels. You will also have a chance to enjoy the stunning sunset over there.
  • Overnight stay in Riyadh.

Tuesday 8 October – Riyadh – Ushaiger – Buraidah

  • We will take you to National Museum, renowned as the most significant museum in Saudi Arabia, showcasing the rich history of the entire region. The museum features exhibits from various pre-Islamic Arabian kingdoms, providing visitors with a comprehensive understanding of Saudi Arabia’s early history.
  • Highlight: Kingdom Tower (the bottle opener), the most iconic building in Riyadh.
  • Drive to Al Turaif, the former capital of the Saudi dynasty from 1744 to 1818. This historic site was also the residence of the Saudi royal family, and you’ll experience a unique atmosphere that emanates from its royal legacy.
  • Drive to Ushaiger village.
  • Highlight: Walk around the heritage village of Ushaiger. Nestled within an oasis, this village offers a glimpse into a bygone, unhurried Saudi society. Here, you’ll gain insight into life in Saudi Arabia as it existed around a century ago, with its quaint streets and squares where locals still gather for tea.
  • We continue our drive to Buraidah.
  • Overnight stay in Buraidah.

Wednesday 9 October – Buraidah – Ha’il

  • Highlight: Early wake up, we embark on an adventure to the renowned Camel Market, purportedly the largest camel market globally, and a site of captivating chaos.You will get a truly unforgettable Saudi experience.
  • We continue our drive through the dessert to Ha’il, a place that inspired the enchanting landscapes described in the classic book “One Thousand and One Nights.”
  • We’ll explore A’arif Fort, originally constructed to safeguard against enemy attacks.
  • We head towards Jabal Al Samra Park, where we’ll be treated to a magnificent panoramic view of Ha’il.
  • Overnight stay in Ha’il.

Thursday 10 October – Ha’il – Al Ula(Dedan – Ikma Mountain & Elephant Rock)

  • We begin the 4 hour drive towards Al Ula.
  • Upon arrival in Al Ula we’ll start with the sights around the area.
  • Explore Dedan, particularly Ikma Mountain, renowned as one of the most significant archaeological sites in the region. It is often referred to as the largest ‘open library,’ nestled in a remote canyon valley.
  • Discover two tombs, adorned with intricately carved lions, perched 50 meters above the wadi, where the ancient oasis once thrived.
  • Highlight: See the Elephant Rock (Jabal Al Fil). You’ll be captivated by the realization that this imposing red sandstone formation was sculpted by the forces of nature.
  • Watch the amazing sunset over the area.
  • Overnight in a nearby tourist-friendly camp site with shared facilities.

Friday 11 October – Al Ula – Maidan Saleh(Hegra) – Medina

  • Highlight: Visit Madain Saleh also known as Hegra by the Nabataean people who crafted its stunning and enigmatic tombs. Often considered the most iconic landmark in Saudi Arabia, it bears a striking resemblance to Petra in Jordan, as it lay on the same historic caravan route.
  • Embark on a 3.5-hour drive to Medina, not only known as the “Enlightened City” but also as the second holiest city in the Islamic world.
  • Overnight stay Medina.

Saturday 12 October – Medina

  • Visit the International Fair and Museum of the Prophet’s Biography and Islamic Civilization, strategically located near the Holy Mosque. This is an excellent place to capture stunning photographs.
  • Walk down Qiba Street, which serves as a vital connection between the Holy Mosque and the Qiba Mosque. Both locations hold immense significance in the world of Islam. The former is believed to be the birthplace of Prophet Mohammed, while the latter is recognized as the first mosque ever constructed.
  • Take a leisurely walk through Medina’s bustling pedestrian street, full of traditional shops and restaurants.
  • We head to the train station for the high speed train to Jeddah. This railway, spanning 453 kilometers, links the two holy cities (Medina and Mecca), reducing travel time to under 2 hours.
  • Arrival in Jeddah.
  • Highlight: Explore the historic district of old Jeddah, also known as Al Balad in Arabic. This charming old town, dating back to the 7th century, is an integral part of Jeddah’s rich history.
  • Visit the colorful Coral houses, though some have suffered from years of wind erosion, they remain a vivid part of the city’s heritage.
  • See the first school and first hotel in Saudi Arabia, with the latter showcasing Italian futurist architectural influences from its time.
  • Explore an art house & museum housing a unique collection of native art and its antiques.
  • Overnight stay in Jeddah.

Sunday 13 October – Jeddah

  • Airport drop off.
  • End of the tour.