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Discover the self-declared country of Transnistria on our Victory Day tour. During this group tour you will experience how the Transnistrians celebrate this important holiday, including seeing the military parade in the capital Tiraspol. We’ll also visit the countryside of this unrecognised state (which is independent of Moldova) and join the festivities. During the tour you will also see various places and monuments that remind you of the old Soviet era of the past. On top of that, you’ll also get to know the Roma population in the special village of Soroca. 

General info

Start dateThursday 5 May 2022
End dateFriday 13 May 2022
Days9 days / 8 nights
Price€ 895
IncludingAccommodation (shared)
Transportation on the ground
Western & local guide
Entry fees
ExcludingInternational flights
Single room (€ 30 per night)
Food & drinks
Tips for the guide
Personal expenses
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Thursday 5 May – Bucharest (Romania)

  • Own arrival in Bucharest.
  • Meet your group.
  • Overnight stay in Bucharest.

Friday 6 May – Bucharest

  • Highlight: Parliament of the People, one of the largest buildings in the world.
  • Revolution Square, named after the revolution of 1989.
  • Churches that survived the Communist revolution.
  • Free afternoon.
  • 7:15 p.m. night train to Chisinau.

Saturday 7 May – Chisinau (Moldova)

  • 9:00 a.m. arrival in Chisinau.
  • Rest in the hotel.
  • Former National Hotel, this was once one of the most important hotels in the city.
  • Monastery, this old monastery was spared during the Second World War.
  • Urban prison, one of the most notorious places in Moldova.
  • Highlight: Second World War Memorial, an impressive and large monument.
  • Army museum, although Moldova is a small and unknown country, they are very proud of their military history.
  • Walk to the flea market.
  • Free time.
  • Overnight stay in Chisinau.

Sunday 8 May  – Tiraspol (Transnistria)

  • Drive to Tiraspol.
  • Register with the local authority.
  • Billboard of President Smirnoff, this man ruled the republic for years.
  • Highlight: Embassies of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, two special embassies that only exist here.
  • Office of the infamous Sheriff organisation. This organisation controls the majority of Transnistria.
  • Local bookshop, a good place for souvenirs.
  • House of the Soviets, an impressive building with Stalinist architecture.
  • General Suvorov statue, he was an important Russian general in this region.
  • Highlight: Parliament building, in front of the building stands a large statue of Lenin.
  • Highlight: Eternal Flame Memorial, a memorial to the Afghanistan War, Second World War and civil war.
  • Palace of Culture, with a big Lenin bust in front of it.
  • Russian Orthodox Church, a beautiful self-sufficient church.
  • Kvient Supermarket, here you can buy cheap, quality drinks.
  • Soviet obelisk and viewpoint over a former civil war battlefield.
  • Overnight stay in a real Soviet hotel in Tiraspol.

Monday 9 May – Tiraspol – Bender – VICTORY DAY

  • Highlight: We’ll find the best spot to watch the military parade, This is one of the most important days on the Russian calendar.
  • Free time to walk around and join all the different festivities.
  • Drive to Bender, a city where there was a lot of fighting during the civil war.
  • Highlight: Local Soviet market, with a bit of imagination you are back in the 80s.
  • Bender Cathedral, many people from the region come here to get married.
  • City Hall, the building is exactly as it was during the civil war, including the bullet holes.
  • Walk through Lenin Park.
  • Cinema, still completely in the style of the Soviet Union.
  • Visit the renovated train station.
  • Highlight: Soviet train from the Second World War, it is parked next to the station as a monument.
  • Amusement park “Great October”, an old amusement park with classic Soviet attractions.
  • Transnistrian Navy Headquarters.
  • Tank Monument.
  • Drive to a small village outside Bender.
  • Palace of Culture with several statues including Lenin.
  • Visit to the forgotten old Soviet war tunnels.
  • Drive to Tiraspol.
  • Overnight stay in Tiraspol.

Tuesday 10 May – Dnestrovsk – Grigoriopol – Dubasari

  • Drive to Dnestrovsk.
  • Highlight: Gigantic steel company with a Lenin bust in front of it.
  • Fishing village next to the factory.
  • Drive along the border with Ukraine, here you will see many smugglers’ villages.
  • We regularly stop at old civil war bunkers.
  • Drive to Grigoriopol.
  • Big silver bust of Lenin
  • Monument of Soviet Sorrow with an old Soviet library next to it.
  • Tank Monument, this tank was found in the river.
  • Drive to Dubasari.
  • Highlight: Hydro Electric Dam, which stands for a large Russian tank.
  • Visit the beach next to the dam for pictures.
  • If possible we’ll visit a Moldovan enclave, with a war memorial and parliament building.
  • Soviet Music College, it is active, even today.
  • Overnight stay in Dubasari.

Wednesday 11 May – Dubasari  –  Ribnitsa  –  Soroca

  • Drive to Ribnitsa.
  • Short stop in the village of Toshlick for a short guided tour.
  • Viewpoint over the Dnister river, where you can take pictures of fishermen.
  • Walk through Ribnitsa, with:
  • Large Lenin Statue.
  • Cultural Centre.
  • We are entering the border zone between Transnistria and Moldova. Few people live here and nature prevails.
  • Highlight: Soviet Nuclear War Survival Bunker (13 storeys into the ground),  deeply hidden in the woods. 
  • Drive to Soroca, the roma city of Transnistria.
  • Overnight stay in Soroca.

Thursday 12 May – Soroca – Chisinau (Moldova)

  • Highlight: Walk through the roma district Gypsy Hill, full of bizarre big houses.
  • Soroca Fort, a medieval fortress.
  • Thanksgiving Candle Monument, a monument in memory of the many wars that have been here.
  • Drive to Chisinau.
  • 4:55 p.m. night train to Bucharest.

Friday 13 May – Bucharest

  • 6:30 a.m. arrival Bucharest.
  • End of tour.

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