COVID-19 – €50 Booking Promotion

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The coronavirus still holds the travel world in its grip. However, we can slowly see the future for intercontinental travelling again. The corona passport has been launched in the European Union and more and more countries are introducing flexible conditions to admit tourists again. A great development, but what can you do now if you are eager to travel?

Group travel

On our group travel page you can see an overview of all group travels that we organize. Please contact us for the latest up-to-date information. Several tours will happen at some point this year. And others will need to wait.

Individual trips

More and more individual trips are taking place. Read our advice for these  tours on our special covid-19 information page.

Special booking promotion

This time of uncertainty also requires a flexible way of booking. That is why you can now reserve a spot for a trip (group and/or individual) with only a deposit of €50 (non- refundable). You only pay the remaining amount (minus the €50) once the tour has been confirmed. The trip is cancelled? Don’t worry, the €50 will go to any other tour that you book with us.

Questions? Get in touch with us now!