Afghanistan Update

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In the last 5 years CultureRoad has been organizing numerous trips to Afghanistan. Every single traveller came back with fond memories of one of our most special destinations.

However, in the last few weeks the security situation in Afghanistan has changed so rapidly that none of us would have thought possible, including a change of regime.

Several of you have reached out to see how the guides are doing. It means a lot to them and to us to see how many people still care about Afghanistan and it’s people. If you do have questions, send an email to and we’ll tell you more.

Current situation

For now, we have suspended all the tours to Afghanistan. When the time is right, we believe that we can show you the best of Afghanistan again. Amazing landscapes, delicious food, unique heritage and most of all, we’ll get you to meet the Afghans; amazing, proud and welcoming people who will leave a mark with you to remember. Not just the images of fear and suffering, but the other side you don’t get to see on media.

As you may realise, the recent developments also create a problem for the locals, including our drivers, fixers and tour guides. For years they have been around showing you safely the beauty of the country and making sure that everything runs smoothly in a very difficult place like Afghanistan. These groups are essential for travel around the area. Now is the time, if you like, in which you can take care of them. A couple of organizations put up a fund-raiser to help the Afghan guides, drivers and fixers. If you have a minute, please take a look and donate or share it with others. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

And remember, this is not a final goodbye to Afghanistan.